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Fair working conditions and no child labor! Sustainable manufacturing direct from India.

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By nature for nature! The ecological footprint is reduced.

Environmentally friendly and elegant disposable tableware made from palm leaf

“Make the world green!”

our mission

HMT wants to have a lasting impact on the market with ecological products and minimize plastic waste.
We started this family project to fight against the ever-growing mountains of waste.
We are convinced of our products not only in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of their appearance and stability.

Our aim is to show the advantages of palm leaf products compared to conventional plastic dishes and to encourage society to reduce plastic consumption.

HMT stands for sustainability , fair production and flexibility .

Which plant are our products made from?




Various betel nut palms

The leaves from which our products are formed come from the betel nut palm (Areca catechu). This type of plant comes from the palm family. Together with around 60 other species from this genus, it can be found in the Indo-Malay region. Our biodegradable disposable tableware is made from the palm leaf leaves in India won.

This type of palm can grow up to 25m high, with the palm leaves reaching a span of up to two meters.

Betel palm seeds grow within a week in warm and humid conditions. These young plants are occasionally sold in Switzerland, but the local weather means that they can only be kept as indoor plants. The palms do not tolerate frost and the leaves of the young plants do not tolerate direct sunlight.

What is the betel nut palm used for, because the palm leaves lying on the ground, which are used for tableware production, are just a waste product of nature?

Immature betel nuts are chopped into small pieces and chewed in the mouth. The Active ingredients absorb and quickly cross the blood-brain barrier, what against fatigue works. Betel chewing has been practiced for centuries.

In addition to this “caffeine substitute”, the betel nut also absorbs phlobatannins. Tannins can also be extracted from the green, unripe fruits, which can be used for dyeing. Therefore, it is also used a lot for lip coloring.
It is estimated that they now consume 600 million people the intoxicating nut mix, which can be obtained from the betel nuts. For many people, consumption is also the main source of income. The cultivation, harvest and sale create a lot of jobs and give many locals the income they need to survive.

In addition to human consumption, the substances can also be used in the Veterinary medicine be applied. For example in cattle or dogs, it is used as a means against Intestinal worms used.



How are the palm leaves turned into biodegradable disposable tableware?


The palm leaves that have fallen on the ground are picked up by hand by the employees in India, cut and neatly bundled. The sorted sheets are then included Water purified , which in turn goes to Energy generation used for the machines. After the clean sheets have dried, they are machine pressed into the desired shape and trimmed.

Now the shaped palm leaf products are heated in the oven and then sanded to create a smoothness and pleasant surface arises. In order to eradicate the last hygienic deficiencies, the plates are irradiated with UV light. Before packing, will every product checked by hand and the defective goods are sorted out.

Thus we can guarantee a 100% natural product of the best quality.

We would be happy to present the various themed worlds to you

of the palm ballt dishes


The biodegradable disposable tableware made of palm leaf is versatile. Our products can be found in countless areas. The preferred area of application of the palm leaf crockery is of course in the outdoor area. The disposable tableware is 100% natural and fits perfectly into nature. It’s perfect for one BBQ party or for a innovative catering .

If the disposable tableware has been used, you can throw it into the fire with a clear conscience and let the cozy evening fade away.
Find the right theme world for you here and let yourself be carried away by Natural product number 1 to inspire.

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