When you go on holiday at the campsite, you choose a holiday in nature. In addition, you do without your usual standards and want to make the catering simple and practical.

Nature offers us a lot of multifaceted beauties, which we have to take care of. The palm leaf products are made 100% naturally and are compostable. They are light and easy to transport, but more robust and break-proof compared to plastic plates.

Help protect our environment so that we can continue to enjoy nature as we know it today.

Here you will find an exciting article that tells more about sustainable camping: On the go with a tent or camper

With our various disposable plates and bowls, you are always sustainable and exemplary. When camping, these should not be missing, because this saves our nature a lot of harmful waste.

If you don’t need all of your dishes during the holidays, you can simply take them back home. The dishes are neither heavy , still need it lots of space in the luggage. You don’t have to worry too much that the dishes will break, because they stability and the Feel the palm leaf products is amazing. Depending on the caravan, the crockery can also be fixed there, this disposable crockery has no expiry date.