Event and catering

Occasions on which the dishes are served nicely on palm leaf crockery are definitely on everyone’s lips. The palm leaf products put the dishes in the limelight exceptionally well and offer a wide variety of eye-catchers in the food area.

For the organizer, there is only a small amount of logistics work involved in both procurement and handling. Because our products are made from pure palm leaves, they are naturally compostable and thus comply with the ever stricter guidelines of the authorities. With the use of products made from palm leaves, you show your visitors that you are a sustainable organizer.

We also offer a “carefree package” for you. Due to our many years of event experience, we can advise and support you in the area of waste in the visitor zones and in the rear zones.

The disposable tableware is more practical and efficient compared to the reusable tableware, which is only given out at most events against a deposit. Save yourself the expensive washing up and depot handling.

Our shop is designed for B2C customers. If you are an organizer or caterer, please contact us using the form below. Describe your request and we will be happy to make an individual offer for you.

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