BBQ party

A cozy barbecue with friends or with the family, a cold beer or a delicious lemonade and warm, sunny weather, we don’t want to miss out on such experiences.

BBQ can also be organized sustainably and in a nature-friendly way without great effort. There are a few tips that are easy to implement.

It makes sense to make sure that the charcoal comes from regional production. Charcoal is often imported from Africa and South America, which was not obtained sustainably in the respective countries.

It should also be on gasoline, respectively. chemical lighters are not used. A natural kindling of your grill fire is recommended.
The disposable grills, which are increasingly appearing in the trade, should be avoided in our opinion.

The most important topic at a barbecue is probably undisputed: “ what’s on my grill ? “
It is common knowledge that consuming too much meat, especially meat that has to be imported, is bad for the environment. However, we do not see any major problems for our environment with a regulated and regional meat consumption.
There is now a large selection of vegetarian grill deserts. Even pure vegetables from the grill taste delicious, here we recommend that you coat the vegetables with sunflower oil beforehand.

You need cutlery and crockery to eat. In order to be sustainable in this area too and because probably not everyone has enough reusable tableware on hand, we have ours Palm leaf products .

There is a lot to be said for using plates or bowls made of palm leaves at your birthday or barbecue party. First of all, you show yourself as an innovative host and can set a trend in your circle of friends and arouse or promote their environmental awareness. In addition, the food feeling is a lot better than with conventional plastic plates or cardboard plates.
And the best for last: it’s already washed off!

Palm leaf products are compostable, but they can also be simply thrown into the fire. The 100% natural product is nothing more than a dried and pressed palm leaf. The palm leaf is very flammable and does not emit smoke.

The disposable tableware made of palm leaf is also ideal for children’s birthdays.

You can find an exciting blog post here: “The Barbecue season is opened”
The blog describes the topic of “sustainable grilling” in more detail. It also shows how the manufacturing process of our palm leaf products works.

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