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With the purchase of our products, you support our mission to operate a meaningful plastic reduction. Plastic waste is detectable in our waters, in our food and in our soils and endangers nature, the animal world and us humans. In contrast to the palm leaf, plastic products do not rot, but instead break up into smaller and smaller pieces (microplastics) and thus pollute the environment in the long term.

While almost 1.5 million tons of plastic were produced per year in the 1950s, it is almost 400 million tons today. Much too large a part ends up in the sea. More than 90% of the plastic waste sinks to the sea floor and poisons the habitat of countless species of fish. The rubbish we see is unfortunately only the top of the mountain of rubbish that we as humans produce year after year.

The HMT Group GmbH is the importer of the goods from India. There is no middleman.
The long-term contact with the Indian manufacturer, who lives in Switzerland, is friendly and regularly maintained.

Our vision

“Make the world green!”

HMT wants to have a lasting impact on the market with ecological products and minimize plastic waste.
We started this family project to fight against the ever-growing mountains of waste.

Because we know exactly under what conditions our
Products are manufactured and the people work in our production facilities and how our product is sold, we can stand behind this project 100%.
In addition to sustainability, we are also convinced of the stability and appearance of our products. The quality difference to conventional plastic is immense.

Our aim is to show the advantages of palm leaf products compared to conventional plastic dishes and to encourage society to reduce plastic consumption.

HMT stands for sustainability , fair production and flexibility .


Heinz Theilkäs

Heinz Theilkäs

Inhaber und Geschäftsführer

Die Bereiche Logistik und Finanzen bilden meine Haupttätigkeiten in unserem Familienunternehmen. Zudem arbeite ich unterstützend im Verkauf.

“Swissness, fairer & nachhaltiger Handel und korrekte Arbeitsbedingungen für Alle, sind meine Ideologie”

1989 wagte ich meinen ersten Schritt in die Selbständigkeit und gründete mein Treuhandbüro in Thun. Durch die Erfahrungen, welche ich die letzten 30 Jahre machen durfte und die Betreuung vieler Mandate, wurde mir persönlich die Thematik Nachhaltigkeit immer wie wichtiger.

Wir wollen mit unserem Familienunternehmen den Markt nachhaltig und umweltschonend bereichern.

Marlis Theilkäs

Marlis Theilkäs

Co-owner and member of the management

My activities focus on that care, support ours Customers in the Health industry and in the administration .

“Qualitative and sustainable solutions, as well as a social partner network are important to me”

Through the management of a senior living community and my work at HMT, I was able to gain experience of how practically biodegradable disposable tableware made from palm leaves can be used in care for the elderly.

We must not postpone the topic of sustainability until tomorrow and start taking responsibility today.

Moritz Theilkäs

Moritz Theilkäs

Co-owner and member of the management

My areas of responsibility lie in Investigation of new products , in the marketing and in sale . I also take on project management in the event area.

“The eye eats too”

Due to my past in the event industry, with a focus on food & beverage events, I developed a passion early on to present food as an experience.

In my opinion, there is no more innovative, sustainable, and enjoyable way to do this than on a palm leaf product.

Themed worlds of the palm leaf crockery

Square palm leaf bowl



Events & catering

retirement home

Private events

Palm leaf bowl around 18 cm

And many more