What does sustainability actually mean?

The definition of sustainability is basically very simple:

“Principle according to which no more may be consumed than can grow back, regenerate and be made available again in the future.”

Humanity currently claims around 1.6 earths per year. This is nothing more than ecological over-indebtedness and a life on credit against the earth. According to various calculations, the world population will destroy natural resources of 3 earths per year in 30 years, if human behavior does not change.

Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without risking that future generations will not be able to meet their own needs.
Further information incl. see the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development here .

How can I make my everyday life more sustainable?

Plastic and single-use packaging that accompany us every day are bad for the environment – we all know that! But what can we do to make our everyday life more environmentally friendly? One possibility is to do without plastic dishes and to use the innovative products made from palm leaves.

Visit our now Online shop and set an example when it comes to sustainability.

We at HMT deal intensively with the topic of sustainability and would like to give you a few tips on how you can make your everyday life more sustainable without major restrictions:


Every degree that you save in your living space minimizes your consumption 6% .
So if you regulate your heating from 25 to 20 degrees, you save approx. 30% your daily energy consumption.
In addition to the sustainability effect, you also save a lot of money.


The energy consumption of devices that are in standby mode should not be underestimated.
In a household, devices in standby mode generate approx. 15% of the total power consumption.
In any case, it is worth turning off your devices completely.


Factory farming makes about 15% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the world, this is huge. Through seasonal and regional shopping, you can personally do your greatest part in keeping our planet healthy.


It is estimated that each year land 10 million tons Plastic in the sea. Plastic takes centuries to decompose, but is never completely broken down.
You are already making a decisive contribution by shopping with your own shopping bag and doing without plastic bags at the checkout.



The HMT Group’s concept of sustainability

HMT wants to have a lasting impact on the market with ecological products and minimize plastic waste.
We started this family project to fight against the ever-growing mountains of waste.
Because we know exactly under what conditions our Products are manufactured and the people work in our production facilities and how our product is sold, we can stand behind this project 100%.

In addition to sustainability, we are also convinced of the stability and appearance of our products. The quality difference to conventional plastic is immense.

Our aim is to show the advantages of palm leaf products compared to conventional plastic dishes and to encourage society to reduce plastic consumption.

HMT stands for sustainability , fair production and flexibility .

Our reliable and sustainable partner for smooth logistics

In addition to our ecological and economic responsibility, we are also aware of our social and societal obligations. That is why we work together with the TRANSfair foundation from Thun when shipping our products, which promotes the reintegration of people into the world of work.

Here learn more about the foundation and its activities.

Logo logistics partner foundation Transfair

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