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Plate | square

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Plate | square | 18 * 18cm & 24 * 24cm
Material: palm leaf
Origin: India
Color: naturally grained, the color of the plates may vary slightly because it is a natural product
Import: HMT Group GmbH

The palm leaf plates are available in two different sizes and can be delivered immediately.
Select the right size and quantity above.
The products are packed in sets of 25.
The delivery time is 1-2 working days.

The leaf of the Areca palm, lying on the ground, is pressed into a biodegradable disposable plate in an environmentally conscious way in India.
You can find more information about the manufacturing process here .
Since it is a 100% natural product, each product is unique from nature.

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The palm leaf products are:

    Food can be heated to normal food temperature.
    Meals can be served at max. 220 degrees to be heated in the oven for 45 minutes.
    The migration test of the SQTS Swiss Quality Testing Services confirms: our dishes are suitable for use with food.
    Our dishes have only lost anything in the dishwasher.

We echoed the process paths short & slim .
This leads to a demonstrably ecologically sustainable offer. There are no middlemen and the production and supply chain corresponds to our environmental awareness, for which we stand.
The products are made by the Transfair Foundation picked in Thun, an organization that on the one hand helps disabled people with work integration and also shows an ecologically sustainable awareness.